Trust & SMSF Account

To register a Swyftx account in your Trust or SMSF's name, you will need the following:

  • The Trust Deed Summary page(s) (also known as an Extract or Schedules, if unsure you can attach the Trust Deed)

    • All Trustees and named beneficiaries to hold verified Swyftx Accounts

If your Trust/SMSF has a Corporate Trustee (aka is linked to your registered Pty Ltd Company), we will also need:

  • A current company information extract ($9 from ASIC)

  • Ensure all major directors (>=25%) to hold verified Swyftx Accounts

Company Account

To use your account as Agent for a company or incorporated body, we will need you to provide the following information:

  • A Current Company Extract of the organisation from ASIC; and

  • To ensure that all directors and major share holders (>=25%) hold verified Swyftx accounts in their own names.

You can search for your company here, and once found, please provide the Current Company Information as indicated below:

PLEASE NOTE: The ASIC Company Information Extract in particular will display the directors and shareholders of the company, other summary documents will not display his information which is needed to create the entity account on Swyftx.

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