Swyftx's referral program is powered by Tapfiliate, a comprehensive affiliate management software. When you signup for Swyftx, we'll create an account within our Tapfiliate portal to track referrals that you make to Swyftx. You can access this portal from the Profile -> Refer A Friend -> Dashboard button, sign in with the same email/password combo you initially used to register with Swyftx, as the below attached image outlines.

Once you have accessed the affiliate dashboard, you will be presented with your dashboard here. As shown below the dashboard gives you the option to access multiple features, you can see your current accumulated balance of referral bonuses, when these balances were earned here and see the Geo distribution of where these funds were earned.

You will also be able to see when this balance has been paid into the cash balance of your Swyftx account by navigating to and selecting "Payouts" on the left hand menu, which will show you when these ones have been paid out and how much has been paid here.

You can also Update your Affiliate Link using the below

  1. Click "Assets" from the menu on the left hand menu here.

  2. Once there, you can click the Advanced button on the right hand side, as shown below.

  3. Click the pencil icon to edit your REF ID and enter the text that you wish to appear in the affiliate link.

Additionally, the Swyftx affiliate commissions are paid out in the first week of each month once a balance of $10 is reached and is paid directly into the cash balance of your Swyftx account, regardless of the payout method that is selected here. If the balance has not yet reached $10 threshold yet, the payment will carry through to the next applicable period in which the payouts are made and will be paid out once this balance is reached.

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