Depositing and Withdrawing

Swyftx does not charge fees for AUD deposits and withdrawals. There are NO fees on any fiat/AUD transactions regardless of the amounts to and from your bank account.


Swyftx charges a low 0.6% trading fee across all trades, with the possibility of lower trading fees for high volume traders.

The introduction of our Multi-Currencies feature will allow our users will have the ability to conduct their trades in USD and/or AUD. The gives users the choice between the convenience of AUD trades, versus the cost-benefit of lighter spreads in USD.

You can view the most up-to-date version of our fee structure by visiting our fee page,

Transferring/ Sending Cryptocurrency

When sending crypto, standard network mining fees apply. These fees do not go to Swyftx, but rather are absorbed in the blockchain validation process. These fees dynamically change depending on the demand of the network and thus causing the fees to then fluctuate.


With Swap, you can exchange any cryptocurrency you currently hold on Swyftx for any other cryptocurrency we actively list.

Swap orders complete a single sell and buy order, both incurring 0.6% fee (total 1.2%).

In a nutshell, Swyftx was founded with the vision to bring low fees and low spreads across a huge variety of coins and tokens to fellow Australians. Swyftx will always have the best prices thanks to liquidity sourced from other global exchanges. All trades are executed at market value meaning the lowest possible spreads between buy/sell prices and you'll always get the most bang for your buck. This does come at the expense of not offering fixed price quoting however, the trade estimates are calculated using order book depth so will always be as accurate as possible.

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